JOB VACANCY – Corporate Secretary/General Counsel

Based on Article25, Paragraph 2, Clause (h) of the Law on Public Enterprises, No.03/L-087, the Amandement of the Law on Public Enterprises No.04/L-111, Article 13and Article26 of the Enterprise Statute, and the Decision of the Board of Directors No.02/1181 from 22.07.2019, L.P.E. “Bus Station” JSC Prishtinaripublishes the following:




Job Position: Corporate Secretary/General Counsel (1 post)

Duration of the contract:3 years, with the possibility of extension

Working hours: Full time

Place: Pristina

Professional Skills and Qualifications:

  • Bachelor Degree in Law (Graduated Jurist or Master in Law Science);
  • At least five (5) years of professional experience;
  • Meeting qualifications requirements foreseen under the Article 17.1, and meeting the independence criteria foreseen under the clause 17.2 (d), (f), (j), (k), (l) of the Law on Public Enterprises, No. 03/L-087, and by the Amendment to the LPE No.04/L-111, Article 13;
  • Knowledge in working on computer;
  • Jurisprudence Exam (desirable);
  • Knowledge of English Language (desirable);


Main Duties and Responsibilities:

The Enterprise Secretary has the following duties and responsibilities:

  • Serves as the Secretary of the Board of Directors and as focal communication point  with the Municipal Shareholders Committee on operations of the LPE “Bus Station” JSC Pristina;
  • Ensures that all procedures are being followed by the Board, including organization of the Board meetings, Board and Shareholders committees and, in cooperation with the Board Chair, prepares and distributes agenda for the Board meetings;
  • Maintains the minutes of meetings and distributes it to the Board of Directors and to the Municipal Shareholders Committee;
  • Maintains the minutes for each meeting of the Board of Directors and of the Audit Commission (unless required otherwise by their chairpersons), and records them into recording book;
  • Acts as the enterprise agent for receiving notifications, and ensures smooth flow of information within the Board, its committees, and between the Board and senior enterprise managers;
  • Advices and services of the Corporate Secretary should be available to all Board directors, and he/she should ensure they’re in full accordance with the procedures of the Board.
  • Maintains the enterprise data register;
  • Follows up on legal changes related to the enterprise, by informing the Board and the Management of the enterprise on the changes, and prepares all necessary instructions for the enterprise management;
  • Performs all archivings, publications and/or disclosures for relevant authorities, as may be required by the Law on Public Enterprises or by the enterprise statute;
  • Coordinateswith the CEOon preparation of letters (documents) for meetings of the Board of Directors;
  • Deals with other enterprise governance issues, as needed/requested.


Required documentation:

The candidate should submit his/her application and documentation in a sealed envelope, to the administration of the LPE “Bus Station” JSC Pristina, Str Bill Clinton n.n. 10000, Pristina.

  1. Employment Application, downloaded from the SAP website:;

  1. A statement under oath, signed by the candidate, confirming that he/she meets the independence criteria, as foreseen by the Article 17.1 and Article 17.2 (the form can be downloaded from the Bus Station website:😉
  2. Cover Letter;
  3. Proof of Education;
  4. Proof of Working Experience;
  5. Copy of the ID;
  6. Along with the application, the candidate should submit a certificate issued by the competent court, confirming that he/she is not being investigated – not older than 6 months.

-Any refutation of the material, whether intentionally or by negligence, or any material alteration from information’sprovided in the above statement, will result in immediate disqualification of the candidate.

General information:

-All citizens, without distinction, have equal right of applying for this job vacancy.

– The enterprise offers equal opportunities, and encourages and promotes engagement of workersfrom all communities and of different gender.

How to Apply:

Application can be made by submitting complete documentation, in a sealed envelope, to the administration of the LPE “Bus Station” JSC Pristina, Str Bill Clinton n.n. 10000, Pristina.

This job vacancy is opened on 26.09.2019 and will end up on 10.10.2019, at 16:00.