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Call for the election of 4 members to the Board of Directors of LPE “Bus Station” J.S.C Prishtina, 14 November 2022

In the lobby of the Bus Station there are heaters for all passengers who use it for their destinations.

We will take care of all travelers to provide comfort and convenience in these cold winter days.

The managements of the seven main bus stations in the country have gathered this week in the capital city in order to discuss about the functionalization of Kosovo’s Bus Stations Union, as well as for other issues each of them face during the working process.

“This meeting is scheduled and held in order to operationalize the USAK (Kosovo’s Bus Stations Union), whose aim is to protect and improve the interests of the bus stations, which was in fact the main motivation behind its establishment couple of years ago”, says the initiator of the meeting, the CEO of Pristina Bus Station, Luan Hoti.

Here’s what is being done at Pristina Bus Station,

At the Pristina Bus Station, deratization and disinfection were carried out both indoors and outdoors.

With the advent of new leadership in this enterprise, major improvements have occurred that have not occurred for decades.