Mission of the enterprise

The mission of the enterprise is to provide quality and fair services for all the passengers – who use services of the Station as well as the businesses operating within the premises of the enterprise – and for the diverse transport operators operating from or through the Bus Station in Pristina.

Through increasing the quality of its services, the enterprise thus intends to increase its revenues, in order to create a municipal public enterprise with sustainable financial revenues.


Vision of the enterprise

The vision of the enterprise is to continuously provide superb quality services to the wide public and clients and to, in parallel, maintain financial sustainability, considering that these two elements are essential for further development and modernization of the Bus Station – that in addition to the country’s airport certainly represents the main gateway for entering Kosovo, as well as for trips within or outside of the country.

As a result, the LPE Bus Station j.s.c. Pristina is planning to remain an important center for delivering its services to numerous clients, whether being local or international.

We have already begun with planning and creation of the new opportunities aiming to develop and modernize, while we also aim to start with the concrete implementation of numerous projects, being it direct or online, that will provide additional modern services in the near future, through which the Bus Station will have steady increase of revenues and will as well improve image of the enterprise, of the capital and of the country.

For achieving all these objectives cooperation with local and international partners will surely not be skipped in any moment. In this regard, public-private partnerships and investments represent just one of many opportunities – certainly, always based on laws and legal provisions in power.