Agreement on reduction of peronation price reached

Kosovo Association of Carriers and the M.P.E. Bus Station J.S.C. Pristina have reached an agreement for reduction of the peronation rates. In parallel, all carriers are from now obliged to depart from the Station.

In the premsies of the Kosovo Chamber of Commerce M.P.E. Bus Station J.S.C. Pristina and the Association of Kosovo Carriers have signed an agreement, that aimes reducing the peronation rates for international, regional, interurban and seasonal transport.

According to the president of the Carrier Association, Ruzhdi Kurtishaj, the new agreement, which was signed today, defines that peronation rates for international transport will be reduced by around 30%.

“As a result of joint work on this issue, we’ve finalized today new peronation agreement for international, regional and interurban transport. This agreement represents a harmonization of common positions and a goodwill of all parties, as we all want the Bus Station to become a meeting place for all businesses of this sector, as well as the destination for all citizens who will receive all the services they need from the Station,” he stressed.

“Today we’ve achieved a 30 percent reduction on international tariffs and a 15 percent discount on interurban transportation, while for seasonal transportation reimbursement will be just 5 Euros,” he clarified.

Kurtishaj also explained that new agreement will oblige all bus carriers, whether international, seasonal or regional, to make all their departures from the Bus Station.

“It is important for all our citizens to use the Bus Station, that is why I urge all carriers to realize all their departures from the Bus Station,” Kurtishaj said.

The Pristina Bus Station Executive Director, Luan Hoti, stressed that parties have finally come to a compromise, and that both sides have agreed on new peronation rates.

“Initially, these prices will be valid for 6 months, then we’ll see. It all depends on the effect. Otherwise, this is part of the changes, that is the reforms that we will undertake in terms of services and transportation of passengers at the Bus Station. I do hope this agreement will ifnluence all carriers to return to the Bus Station,” Hoti says.

The chairman of the Board of Directors of the Pristina Bus Station, Faton Raci, emphasized that along with the new agreement all illegal starting points, from which buses depart, should be identified and abolished.

We ask the Municipality of Pristina to do everything in its powrer to eliminate illegal bus transport, as well as van-transportation service, as both of these types of transport create enormous damage to this sector. Initial municipal initiative in this direction represents a commendable perofrmance and I expect it will be fruitful, as anyone needs to know the exact time and departure place of the bus, and not everyone to start  journey from wherever is easiest, because this ultimately gives a bad image to the capital city itself,” Raci stressed.


The selection proces for the new Executive Director of Municipal Public Enterprise Bus Station J.S.C. Pristina has been concluded successfully.

The Board of Directors of the company, together with the representatives of the British Embassy in Kosovo, have assessed that the whole process was well organized, and fully  transparent, and that selected candidates were the best.

At the end, the clasification of the candidates by the Election Commission as well as by the Embassy representatives was exactly the same.

As a result, at the end of the entire selection process the highest number of points was gained by the candidate Luan Hoti, who was meanwhile officially appointed as the new Chief Executive of M.P.E. Bus Station J.S.C. Pristina.