Many buses boycott and thus damage the Bus Station

Since May this year the plat-forming prices at Pristina Bus Station have dropped by 30 percent, based on the agreement reached with the Passengers Road Transport Association that will end up on December 31.

The agreement had foreseen price reduction as well as initiation of all traveling’s from the station, which according to the CEO of the Municipal Public Enterprise Pristina Bus Station, Luan Hoti, is not being implemented by transporters, some of whom doesn’t use the bus station at all, but start their routes

“We’re currently evaluating the agreement in terms of business, and our analyses show that the company is losing 10,000 euros each month,” the Pristina Bus Station CEO says.

These losses, according to him, are occurring as many buses continuously ignore the agreement and are not using the bus station at all. In this regards, he mentions the tourist routes, which start their journeys from all over the capital city, as well as the lines for Podujevo and partly for Mitrovica, which are not collecting their passengers from the bus station but from diverse points within the city, by endangering thus the passengers.

Following the election of the new CEO an agreement was reached with the Passengers Road Transport Association, and as a result the plat-forming prices were cut by 30 percent and that all buses, regardless if they travel within Kosovo, regionally or internationally, will start all their routes from the bus station, but this is not being implemented, damaging hence the bus station business.