The roads of Pristina Bus Station are repaired, following 30 years

Repair of the potholes at the Pristina Bus Station, the largest in our country reportedly being frequented by over 24,000 passengers a day, begin for the first time after over three decades, reports.

Couple of years before and more than twenty years after the end of the war investments in the Pristina Bus Station have been missed, respectively completely forgotten, though the new management has already begun with investments in improvement of the infrastructure.

Recently, for the first time after several decades, cleaning of internal roads has begun and it’s expected that the Bus Station will quite soon have modern and clean roads and sidewalks, adequate greenery, lighting and cleanliness at appropriate level.

The Pristina Bus Station CEO, Luan Hoti, told that with the support of the Pristina Municipality work on road repair within the Bus Station in Pristina has already begun.

He also added that this was one of the requirements raised by transportation operators, which was then supported and initiated by the new management and approved by the Municipality of Pristina.